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st_salieri in manpain


Welcome to manpain, hosted by swsa and st_salieri!

If you're like us, then you're angry at how some of your favorite characters have been treated on the shows you love. These are the characters who have touched our hearts, even if their names aren't in the title. They've been hurt and mistreated, again and again.

And we're here to stop the hurting.

As we've watched these shows, we've become more and more aware that the writers seem determined to selfishly follow their own agendas rather than do what's best for the character. We refuse to allow the writers to damage the characters we know and love instead of dealing with their own personal traumas. After all, if they really understood the characters, they would have given them their own shows by now.

Where's the love for Logan? When does Spike get his own show? The lack of a Sylar spin-off says it all when it comes to the lack of respect shown by the writers.

We understand the TRUE WORTH of these characters, and we would never abuse them and belittle them. We would never cause them grief, or laugh at their tears, or use them for sex and then beat them up. We believe that modern television shows do too much to elevate and sanctify their female characters at the expense of the men.

We know who the REAL heroes of these shows are, no matter what lies the writers are trying to sell us. We honor the heroes like Sawyer, who beat Jack in ping-pong and never received the respect we know he was due. And what happens instead? Abuse. Mistreatment. Manly tears. We recognize the inherent cruelty when a character merely needs someone to ASK HIM TO STAY, and the It Girl continues to be held above him. Oh yes, we remember everything.

We do not forgive, and we do not forget.

If you're a fan of an abusive character like Buffy, then you're not welcome in this community. We have our limits, and you will respect this as the safe space it is.

Please check out the profile for more information about this community. And above all...

...have a happy April Fool's Day. :)


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Our membership has doubled! Excellent!

Nothing left now but to get to work on my Pacey/Spike fic!
You'd better! You've got people counting on you for that fic now. :)

You almost had me-- til Sylar!
Stupid Sylar - gives everything away!
Ok, you had me until the "if you're a fan of an abusive character like Buffy" bit. The I started to go, huh? Hee! Excellent April Fool's. I had totally forgotten about it 'til this. Well done! Well done! :)
What? Are you a fan of that bitch Buffy?! You must leave immediately!

OMG! Which one of you sickos added the dean forester/dean winchester interest? Because, YES!


Also, y'all make me laugh. <3

Happy April 1st.

Heeee. That's all swsa. She's the master of the interests.

Happy 1st. :)
Thank god someone has had the courage to step forward and speak for this oppressed minority. Won't someone please think of the straight white men?
Won't someone please think of the straight white men?

Why? They're just so...common:)...

Edited at 2008-04-01 12:32 pm (UTC)

I swear I *knew* this was an April Fool's joke before I even came here. Dude, seriously. I was reading St. Salieri's post and uh ... yeah ... goddamn that's clever. Almost too clever. Whew.

If it wasn't Salieri, I might have fallen for it! THAT WAS TOO GOOD, YOU BITCHES GUYS CLEVER EVIL WOMEN.

::checks interests::

Heh heh ... poodles.
Heeee. We had way too much fun with this, seriously.

If it wasn't Salieri, I might have fallen for it!

It's scary how it sounds like it could be real, isn't it?
illegal homeless boxing?!

If this wasn't Salieri, I would have thought you were serious. As it was, I nearly did anyway...

I think "Because it's all about men. In pain." is my favourite new catchphrase.
illegal homeless boxing?!

Looks like someone missed Veronica Mars. IHB is the sport of choice for rich white boys in emotional turmoil.

I got as far as

but where do people go when they want to talk about Spike or Jim?

in swsa's post, went 'Whaaaaaaaaaaat?' - then checked the date and saw the name of the comm. I am much amused! :)

Oh, and here's another icon you might like to upload (I mean, how much more perfect can you get? *g*), by macphista:

Heee! Awesome. Ianto is truly the master of manpain.

And this is a serious issue. Where else in this fandom can people dare to talk about Spike?!
Jack McGee is totally misunderstood! He's doing his job. The people have a right to know! As far as he knows, the Hulk is a murderer, and Dr. Banner doesn't bother to set him straight. He just goes cross-country lying about himself. And then McGee is left holding the bag. Banner is destroying an honest man's livelihood.
Foreplay, dude. All foreplay.
ROTF @ the interests. This is by far the funniest AF's joke that has showed up on my FL.
The interests were like 90% of the reason I wanted to do it. Seriously.

EXACTLY. Which is why we need to preempt it with the funny. :)
I thought it was an April Fool before I clicked, but it's a really nicely-done one, well worth the reading.

And actually, the more Spikelove there is in the world, the happier I am. Not totally on board with the Sylar love, but I could give it a go. Hiro's my man really.
Well, it's all about Spike. And Men in Pain. :)
The name of the community was enough of a tip-off for me. Didn't make it any less amusing though. Well done!
Are you saying you don't appreciate Teh Menz?!
...Well, you both know what a serious issue *I* consider this to be.

Heee. The first mention I saw of this on my flist was in Petzi's linkspam, and I followed the link solely to mock whoever had set up such a ridiculous community and possibly to email the two of you and say "ohmigod have you seen this??". And then I saw who the mods were and remembered what day it was.

Ha! Gotcha!
A manpain commnity with no interest in Miguel Alvarez and his honey Ryan O'Reilly? You claim to be against injustice and yet you perpetuate it!!!
Dude, I started to add Oz stuff, but it got overwhelming! It's like every character on the show. Still, I see your point, and Ryan/Miguel at least deserve their slot.
"cackles" I even posting this in my More Links this AM just to see if anyone would notice. Brilliant! My hat is off to you two ladies.
Hee! Well, you definitely snagged at least one. :)
Yep. You truly had me until Sylar (Frankly, I even bought the Buffy line...sorry, but it worked for me:)

Thank you for a fun jolt!
Me too, me too. Some people really think this way! We've all seen it!
I'm fresh from being pwned by Fandomwank so this one didn't fool me for a moment.

Ah, but if I'd clicked this first!

And the puir puir Spike icon was a bit of a giveaway. *grin*

But I *joined* because now I NEED that pacey/spike fic.

Edited at 2008-04-01 12:36 pm (UTC)
Hee. You'll have to bug swsa for that fic.

The hee is only slightly muted by the knowledge that at least a few people would take this seriously. :(
Heh, no kidding. The whole time we were doing this, swsa and I were saying, "You know, this sounds scarily close to being real." Because you know the crazy is out there.
Heh. I was going to say I love how many of the interests in the community profile are unique (how have "beeper king/liz lemon" and "riley/forrest" not been taken by anybody else?) but then I got distracted by which ones *aren't*. Like manly tears and healing cock.

Ha! I was dying that "manly tears" was already taken, because...dude.
Ha! I thought it seemed a bit overwrought, but you had me until the bit about Buffy. There's no way either of you would believe that!
Hee. I'm just surprised at how many people made it all the way to the Buffy part! We figured the rest of it was completely over the top.
Spike/Ted Bundy? Cattle prods and Cheekbones? You had me at the name of the community!

Heee! swsa is responsible for most of the good stuff. :)
LOL! You almost had me, although I did go O_o at the name of the community, knowing st_salieri well enough to know better. *g*
Heee! Yeah, I figured it would be the kind of thing that would sound almost-sorta believable...if it wasn't coming from us. :)
You know how strongly I feel that no one's giving men the attention they deserve! When will someone think of them?!
Bwahahahaaa! Niiiice.

Cue Helen Lovejoy-style handwringing: "What about the children the MEN?"
I KNOW!! No one's looking out for the poor men! When will someone defend them from those awful females?
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