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st_salieri in manpain


Welcome to manpain, hosted by swsa and st_salieri!

If you're like us, then you're angry at how some of your favorite characters have been treated on the shows you love. These are the characters who have touched our hearts, even if their names aren't in the title. They've been hurt and mistreated, again and again.

And we're here to stop the hurting.

As we've watched these shows, we've become more and more aware that the writers seem determined to selfishly follow their own agendas rather than do what's best for the character. We refuse to allow the writers to damage the characters we know and love instead of dealing with their own personal traumas. After all, if they really understood the characters, they would have given them their own shows by now.

Where's the love for Logan? When does Spike get his own show? The lack of a Sylar spin-off says it all when it comes to the lack of respect shown by the writers.

We understand the TRUE WORTH of these characters, and we would never abuse them and belittle them. We would never cause them grief, or laugh at their tears, or use them for sex and then beat them up. We believe that modern television shows do too much to elevate and sanctify their female characters at the expense of the men.

We know who the REAL heroes of these shows are, no matter what lies the writers are trying to sell us. We honor the heroes like Sawyer, who beat Jack in ping-pong and never received the respect we know he was due. And what happens instead? Abuse. Mistreatment. Manly tears. We recognize the inherent cruelty when a character merely needs someone to ASK HIM TO STAY, and the It Girl continues to be held above him. Oh yes, we remember everything.

We do not forgive, and we do not forget.

If you're a fan of an abusive character like Buffy, then you're not welcome in this community. We have our limits, and you will respect this as the safe space it is.

Please check out the profile for more information about this community. And above all...

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Hee. I joined because you had me at 'beeper king/liz lemon' - bwah!
Hee. That's all swsa. :)
Thank God. We have needed this community for a long time. I am relieved and feel hopeful for the first time in ages, now that we're FINALLY recognizing this for the problem it is.

Thank you. Thank you. (I am slowly clapping, standing in my office).

There is a hole in our fandom that definitely needs filling. I can't believe there's no one looking out for these poor, suffering men! Thank you for standing up and being counted. We appreciate your support.

::salutes solemnly::

Baltar deserves some love here as well.
He really does. He's the painiest manpainer of them all!
Ha! That was good and very very funny. Love the interests listed!

The interests are all swsa. They are the magic. :)
beeper king/liz lemon!! i love it!!
ted bundy/spike - O.o

you guys are hilarious!
Heee. There's clearly a lack of Ted Bundy/Spike fic out there. :)
Bwah!! I love this. An April Fools that's funny without being mean--manpain is perfect.
Hee. This community has been calling out for formation for a while now. :)
I got to the third paragraph before I checked the post date.

Good one.
Love it!

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